Sunday, 2 December 2012

Second Last Week!!!

Last week is over and everything went well enough :P The OSCE was actually really fun and I took it as a good sign to how much I will love working as a PA. Now this is what we have to look forward to for Week 2 of the 3 week craze

Tuesday: Anatomy Presentation - Each of us was given a topic that we have learned over the semester. My topic is the mediastinum. We get 10 min to talk about our topic then a 2 min question period. *sigh - I always get nervous about presentations

WednesdayPhysiology Test #3 - Yes another physiology test! This will be on pulmonary physiology. This includes respiratory mechanics, gas transport, respiratory control, gas exchange, pulmonary disorders and ventilation and pulmonary circulation. 

Thursday:  Professional Studies Presentation - I chose to present the physician assistant role in public awareness of physician assistants in Canada. I must admit I'm having a tough time focusing my presentation. I'm planning to hopefully incorporate my blog somehow. :)

Friday: Pharmacology Short Answer Test  - In our Pharmacology course we had 5 tutorials which had case studies from the different topics of drugs we covered in class. This briefly includes pharmacokinetics, autonomic nervous system, hypertension, heart failure, anti-coagulation, lipid-lowering and antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal drugs. At this point I'm not to sure how to study for this one. 

Well, I guess I should study now :P

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