Monday, 9 October 2017


Hello everyone, I stumbled upon my blog and realized people are still reading it. It made 100,000 views!!

I’ve recently started a new job. On the search to finding my new position I realized how important the PA-physician relationship is to a happy work life. 

So.. what makes a great supervising physician from Eden’s (My) perspective

1. Being able to work as a team - treated as a colleague than just an employee 

2. Being approachable – to be able to ask questions if needed

3. Teaching when able – especially at the beginning of a new job or as a new PA. Acknowledging the PA's background including limitations and previous work experience. Being able to fill the gaps in a respectable way.

4. Treated as not only a clinician but as a person – for me lunch/coffee dates are great to get to know each other better and learn more about the person than the job title. This includes all health care co-workers, nurses, allied health, unit assistants, health care aids. 

I began searching for other opportunities as my commute, 50min one way (almost 2 hr drive per day), was becoming overwhelming especially with the crazy Winnipeg winters. They don’t call Winnipeg “Winterpeg” for nothing. 

The search for a good fit was more difficult than the first time. As a fresh PA the priority was to find a job and start paying off that student debt. The second time around it became more focused on who you will be working with and how much the employer will invest in teaching you. I was lucky that when I graduated PA school my first position provided both.  I compared it as a marriage as you will be closely working with the physician and trust is very important both ways. This time you think more about what area you will be working in and how much autonomy you would like. Also job longevity begins to play a factor as I begin to think of having a family and stability. 

Take home points - looking for a job 

1. Find an area you like to work in and determine what role you would play.

2. Find physicians who are invested in you as I discussed above. Our role is very much determined by our supervising physician and how much they are willing to teach and give autonomy.

3. Can you see yourself working there for 5, 10, 15 years? Does the job fit with your future goals?

Luckily I found a position at the same hospital that my fiancé works at. No more driving for me!! Now I get to sleep in the car when he drives me to work :P

More on my new job soon. 

Sunday, 6 November 2016

CAPA CONFERENCE 2016: Winnipeg

Hi everyone! I’m excited to talk about the CAPA conference this year. Since joining the PA profession in 2012 I was lucky enough to participate in the CAPA conference in Calgary and Halifax. Unfortunately last year I missed the conference in Toronto but was able to make it this year! I was truly amazed and impressed of the conference this year in my home town Winnipeg. It was heart warming to see the amount of people that attended and how CAPA and the physician assistant profession have taken a global stage.
How I felt when I entered the CAPA conference and realized how many people were there and how much the conference had to offer. (Also how I felt for the morning after breakfast from the pub crawl & gala dinner :P )

There are more studies occurring about physician assistants in Canada. And the the poster competition this year was better than ever.  (I don’t think my poster could have competed this year :P)


Conference Board of Canada Report: PAs saving the healthcare system millions of dollars. (Links below)

This is a huge successful study for PAs in Canada. Hopefully this will open the door for more incentive to train, fund and employ PAs in all of Canada.

Physician Assistants Globally 

This picture has representatives and pioneers of the physician assistant profession and organizations from all over the world. On this panel it has PAs from United States, Netherlands, UK, Australia and Ireland. This was an eye opening conversation. We were able to compare the physician assistant profession progression in different countries. Able to compare notes of what worked and what did not. Canada still has a lot of work ahead but we are in good shape.

Stay tuned!... New PA promoting campaign! #CanadaneedsPAs
Trying to find a good selfie!! 3 times no luck

Even a pharmacist was present at the Gala :P who knew!

CAPA conference buddies. Throw back to 2013, Calgary
Brother Ryan! CAPA conference gala 2016

Sunday, 22 May 2016



Hello everyone! It has been a long time.

This year has been focused on giving other parts of my life attention, while in PA school had been ignored. It was a realization after completing an intensive program that I began to look at other areas of my life. I began to reignite relationships with my friends and family. I had to re-connect with myself and learn who I was as a person who was not in school anymore. Now I have the time to return to the activities that I’ve once enjoyed and coming to terms to people, goals and emotions that I've ignored. I always will be interested in expanding and promoting the physician assistant career in Canada. But now when I think about the past, from entering the program in 2012 at age 25 and now at 2016 turning 29 the focus on academics has changed in a holistic way. To include not only my physician assistant role/studies but now to encompass all areas of my life including friends, family, interests and love.

I’m hoping to continue to write about interesting cases. I have worked as a hospitalist physician assistant for almost 2 years. My supervising physicians have become more to me than just colleagues but have now transitioned to friendships. I have created meaningful relationships at my work and able to go out for lunch without being stressed and truly enjoy working, thinking of long term goals instead of short term. As for the day to day work, I can say I love my job. I have great autonomy and have the opportunity to learn more from my awesome teachers. I feel a good balance between being challenged,  having autonomy and continuous learning. It is inspiring to be part of a great team of physicians, nurses and allied health providers.


I had the opportunity to have one student for 2 weeks on an elective rotation. I was excited to have a student. I had prepared topics and bedside teachings. Having a student was an enriching experience. Not only do you find how much you have grown as a physician assistant but you begin to feel pride when your student begins to grow and understand concepts. You also begin to think back of when you were a student and realize how much you didn’t really know at the time :P. There is a lot you learn from experience and experience is very valuable. I didn’t realize how much work my preceptors had done when having students. Now I have a great sense of appreciation. Not only did you want your student to learn and have good teaching experiences but in the end you are still working and ensuring your patients are safe, properly cared after and that the flow of the hospital continues.  I recommend anyone who has the opportunity to have a student to take it. It requires extra work and dedication but it is truly rewarding to see new PAs learn and to realize how far you have come as a PA.

Until next time...