Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Few more days until Reading Week!

Studying for the Pharm exam last week :S

After our Adult Medicine exam in pulmonology, reading week is now just around the corner.  We’ve been delving deeper into patient assessment learning the pulmonary and cardiovascular physical exam.

2 weeks ago I was able to shadow a nurse at the Aboriginal Wellness Centre. This was a great experience. I felt very close to the community and that the centre was truly helping the people it served. The centre had a holistic approach which I find important. It opened me up to thinking about primary care and family medicine. Unfortunately I did not have early exposure last week but this week I will be at school to listen to Harvey the heart sounds robot.  

When we get back from the break we look forward to restarting our once a week exams beginning with our Psychiatry midterm.  This exam will cover DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) terminology, mental status exam, psychiatry history documentation and mood, anxiety, psychotic and somatoform disorders.

I think we deserve some rest, don’t you? :P 


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