Saturday, 16 March 2013

The MMI Interview – Being on the other Side

Last Monday after our Pharmacology exam we each were able to participate in finding the next group of PA students, the class of 2015. It was interview day for the program and I was fortunate enough to be part of the MMI. Heheh…oh it’s nice to be on the other side and see the candidates squirm :P Well just when I thought I could finally relax after just writing the pharm exam, as much as the candidates were being put on the spot so was I. I was paired with a working PA and learned a lot about the interview process and how I can bring the skills of “reading people” into a patient/PA setting. I was asked many questions about what to look for.

Overall it was a very long and exciting day. I can remember my interview and how excited and nervous I was. I can remember how much I wanted to be in the program and how happy I was being accepted.


My first pelvic exam 

This was definitely an experience I won’t forget. We were assigned CTAs (clinical teaching assistants). 2 of us worked with 2 CTAs. Of course being completely nervous to what was to come the CTAs were very good at making things comfortable and making it a great environment to learn. We went through history taking focused to women’s health. Then we started the breast exam, each of us taking turn. The CTA’s would tell us what was inappropriate to say and what would be the best way to word phrases to keep the exam as comfortable as possible for the woman. We then continued to the speculum exam and bimanual. Being quite nervous the CTAs again made me feel comfortable and gave me time to learn.

Overall it was a great experience. It had to be done and now that the first one is over I suppose we have a lot more to look forward to :P

This week

This week we have a psychiatry paper due on Monday. Our next exam is a week afterwards in Adult Med Renal section. As for early exposure I haven’t been able to go since I’m on crutches till the end of the semester. But I may be able to observe the pediatric clinic this week.

My recovery

Just a quick update. I’m getting quicker on my crutches and I think I’m getting muscles on my arms :P I have relatively no pain, still not on any pain medications which is much better for studying and classes. I have more energy and I’m getting impatient about not being able to walk. Overall I’m doing great :D

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