Monday, 20 May 2013


We started our 3rd semester three weeks ago. It is hard to keep track of what classes we are taking but here they are. 

Amy placing a central line in a dummy :)
  1. Procedures Lab – Every Friday afternoons we are taught different hands on skills. We have learned how to place central and intravenous lines. The pics throughout this post is from some of our procedure lab fun. :)

     2. PediatricsWe will learn how to manage and treat pediatric patients. We will go through the different life stages from neonates to adolescence and will learn the important physical changes that occur at each stage.

3. Adult Medicine Cont. – We continue learning the different systems in adult medicine.We are currently learning about GI and hepatic issues. Our test is coming up this Friday.  

4. Adult Medicine Case Base Discussions – Continued from last semester, we are given a case stem and discuss how we would take a history, physical exam and what our differential diagnosis would be. 

5. Emergency– We are learning about different emergency situations. This includes emergencies in neurology, toxicology, pediatrics, trauma, metabolic and renal, infectious disease, allergic, gastrointestinal, environment, respiratory and cardiac. 

6. Diagnostic Imaging – We are learning the proper technique in reading x-rays and otherdifferent types of images. 

Ultrasound guided central line insertion with Kodley, Tanya & Barry

7. Microbiology and Infections Disease – We are learning concepts of infection and basic microbiology including infection control, vaccines and therapies. 

8. Genetics– We are learning an overview of human genetics and the importance of family history, genetic counseling and patterns of inheritance. 

9. Patient Assessment cont. – We have learned the neurological exam and now learning the shoulder, wrist, elbow, hip and knee exams. At the end of the semester we will be tested on how to do a full physical from all the different physical exams we’ve learned from the entire year.

My first intravenous line insert :)
     10. Early Exposure – We are rotating through 4 different areas for early exposure, pediatrics, infections disease, internal medicine and genetics. This semester we are expected to take histories and physical exams on patients. I've been to the pediatric ward and did my first history from a child’s parent and learned how to examine a 7 month old baby. I’ve also done my first history and physical on an internal medicine patient and presented my case to a doctor. I was and am very nervous each time I'm with a patient and especially when I am presenting to a doctor. You learn to do it and how to control your nerves! Everyone needs to start somewhere. :)

11. Surgery– We are learning the basic concepts & skills for surgery. We currently have talked about fluid management, hemodynamics, oxygen delivery and shock. We will learn about sepsis and surgical infections, wounds, the conduct of a surgical procedure, trauma, surgical emergencies, metabolic and nutritional care, and pre and postoperative care.

Amy found my vein but forgot to keep it occluded, this was taken after the first wipe up. There was a lot of blood :P Laughed so much!

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