Saturday, 27 October 2012

Exam, Exam, Exam (3 in a row)

Me  at 1.5 weeks into studying  :)

It's 11:33 pm on a Saturday night, the last of the Halloween parties are "getting started". I'm sitting with my notes and have been studying for the past 2 weeks for the crazy triple back to back midterms.

First up Physiology on Monday. We are learning the basic science of membranes including ion changes and action potentials. This is continued with the physiology of skeletal and smooth muscle contraction and physiology of blood. This includes cells found in the blood, the coagulation/clot forming pathways and immunology. 

Second midterm on Tuesday is Anatomy. This includes the bones and muscles of the upper and lower extremities, the brain, the head, neck and face. Then you add the nerves and arteries that go with each area. It feels like I'm learning a whole new language. Lots of new terminology!

Last midterm is Pharmacology on Wednesday. Another big subject full of mysterious drug names. The midterm is on drugs for angina, blood clotting, diuretics, arrhythmias and heart failure. 
Yes it is stressful :) I don't know what I know at this point. I try to keep calm and do what I can. No point in worrying. Our class has already planned a costume party this coming Friday to make up for the Halloween parties we missed. I am looking forward to it! 


Learning the HEENT (Head, Ears, Eyes, Nose & Throat Exam)
We started our weekly labs for patient assessment. This class puts what you are learning into reality. It is great to get out of the books and learn some hands on skills.

More practice on taking blood pressure :)

Learning the Ear Exam

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  1. Awesome entry! I am in orthopaedics so I LOVE anatomy (say Sternocleidomastoid five times fast!). Looks like you have a ton of materials to cover, good luck with your exams. Any textbooks or resources you recommend?