Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Papers on the Brain

Paper Time! 

I survived the triple exam whammy! My advice to future students is to study courses daily. Read the material and understand it. You don't realize how much you have to absorb and how hard it is to recall it in back to back exams. My downfall was a lack of sleep. From this experience I realized that I am not a 'crammer'. Luckily finals are not back to back. What a relief!

After the exams we ended the week by delving into the confusing world of EKGs. I was reminded that our finals begin in 3 weeks and that it was time to think of what most science students dread the most, PAPERS & PRESENTATIONS :)

So what do we have to do? Refer to the picture above...

1. Research & Clinical Practice
This course is to prepare us for our CAPSTONE project. The CAPSTONE project is our big research paper which is done in our second year. In this semester we are learning how to critically appraise articles and how to form our research question. 

2. Professional Studies
This course introduces us to physician assistant culture and to begin our understanding in our role in health care.   



Look forward to our plans for PA Day!  

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