Friday, 16 November 2012


Torsade de pointes - also my "Halloween" costume this year :P

After a few confusing lectures on EKGs (Electrocardiogram or ECG) our Curriculum Integration (CI) class decided to give us some extra exposure. At the beginning of the week we went into the hospital and one of our classmates was the guinea pig for an actual EKG. We were able to visualize an EKG exam and see where the electrodes go on the body. Today we had a mock EKG interpretation test. It will still take some time to learn the different diagnosis but I can say that I'm a little more comfortable with them. 

The classes are starting to meld together. We are currently learning the thorax in Anatomy and I was able to hold and look at a few hearts. We have learned angina and heart failure drugs in pharmacology and are now learning the pathophysiology of the heart. It is truly amazing. 

Papers Update 

I must admit that I've been slow to write them. I have finished my critical appraisals, bioethics paper and anatomy presentation. I plan this weekend to finish up my research proposal and presentation for professional studies. Here's hoping :)

View of the front of the University from the grad lounge after the weekend snow storm. (Yes the dots are on the window)


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  1. LOVE the EKG costume! Thats so creative :D Being in Orthopaedics, we don't come across EKG's too often, but my favourite resource was Dale Dubin's "Rapid Interpretation of EKG's". First year must be flying by for you!