Sunday, 25 November 2012

The 3 week craze begins!

( We got to dress up into our "PA clothes" last Friday to take pictures for program promotion. I put some random action shots and fun pictures randomly within this post. enjoy! :) 

We have 3 more weeks to go until our first semester of PA school is over. It went by super fast but there is a lot left to do. Here is the agenda for this week.

Monday - Physiology test #2 
This will be on cardiovascular physiology. Including heart function, valve disease, heart failure, blood flow, vessel regulation and the infamous EKGs. 

Tuesday - Patient Assessment Formative Final
A formal practice before our actual standardized patient exam. 
**Also PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT DAY**!!! we will be wearing our spiffy new t-shirts and will be serving cake at the Health Science Center, William entrance at lunch time! (Look forward to pictures)

Thursday - Patient assessment written exam
All material is coming out of our handbook. We are being tested on how to take a general history and the Head, Eyes, Ears, Neck & Throat Exam (HEENT). 

Friday - OSCE/Standardized patient exam

Do I look the part?
I'm nervous for this one. I think it's because this is the first time I've had a practical exam before. This is how it will go. The program brings in actors to play our patient. They will have a problem with one of the systems we studied in the HEENT exam. We read the nurse's note in the front of the door and go in to take a history. Afterwards we do a focused physical exam then vocalize our findings to our preceptor. We also have to think of some differentials and a plan for our patient. Our differentials and plan are still superficial at this point because we have not yet taken adult medicine (That's next semester). Afterwards we have 15 min to write a detailed note.  


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