Thursday, 7 November 2013

Dealing with “Failure”

As one would say, according to the online Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of failure is
1.  Omission of occurrence or performance; specifically:  a failing to perform a duty or expected action
2.  Lack of success

This is the last topic I have to write about this week. I wanted to talk about how to deal with failure. I have to admit I have failed a few things over my time in the PA program. Of course my reaction when I first heard that I failed was devastating. Looking back now the hardest part of hearing that you failed something is putting yourself back together. I wanted to talk about how it feels like to fail and to leave the discussion open so if anyone “fails” something either a class or rotation know that you’re not the first one and that it is not the end of the world. 

How to deal with failure

Of course I googled this when I first found out that I didn’t do well on my rotation. Here is a link from wiki how that helped me move past the initial mopey phase.

Wikihow - How to Overcome Failure   

To summarize the website according to wikihow the 12 steps to overcoming failure are

1. Expect mistakes

2. Remind yourself that you are good enough

3. Remain calm

4. Forget about how other people view you

5. Shift out of your head space – all the negativity is in your head

6. Stop worry, start laughing

7. Review what your failure has taught you

8. Stay in the present

9. Allow yourself to fail on purpose – meaning try something that you’re not good at or something new

10. Focus on trying again

11. Grow

12. Ditch boredom and live large – failure is the flipside of success and without it there could be no joy in pushing through the odds, to know what success truly feels like with achieved.  

Another video that helped me is this compilation of speakers yes it’s American :P

Here is another good blog that talks about failure and accepting it as part of life.
A physician assistants guide to becoming an epic failure

How to succeed in a rotation

 - Meet with your preceptor at the beginning of the rotation to determine what the expectations are for you.
- Understand your role as a student and the tasks that you need to do
- Ask for help early when you feel like you’re struggling

When I first thought about writing this topic I was embarrassed and debated on whether I should. It is hard to proclaim to the world that you have failed something but I think if I am able to help others go through it then it is worth sharing. Yes I have more work ahead of me but now the plan is to kick butt on my next rotation. 

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