Sunday, 1 December 2013


This was a late post but I thought I would blub on it. The first year PA students had a blast this year going out to different high schools in Winnipeg. The first year PA class gave presentations to the students about the physician assistant profession as well as gave them opportunity to try some hands on stuff ie. play with stethoscopes and other equipment. Unfortunately I was unable to join them and therefore don’t have pictures.

The University of Manitoba also held a small event with lots of yummy food and to honour Dr. Bellas. Dr. Bellas is responsible for our adult medicine course and our internal medicine rotation. He has been an excellent guide for us at the U of M PA program, teaching medicine as well as life’s lessons.  

Anyone recognize the people on the poster? :P That's right it's Ryan and Ritika

I like candid photos. Here are the students sitting and eating while the staff stands in the background :)

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  1. The biology capstone project ideas are perfect for presentations to the students about the physician assistant.