Saturday, 8 March 2014


Our half way point through rotations was marked on our academic day. The day was dedicated to a special guest, Roderick Hooker, PhD, MBA, PA-C. Dr. Hooker has been author to over 200 publications and has written articles and books primarily on physician assistants. We had a questioning session picking his brain on some of the things he knows about the future of physician assistants and his research pertaining to their impact on health care. He also gave a lecture at the end of the day of the future of health care and gave interesting facts pertaining to the changing face of medicine.

PA interview Day 

Unfortunately I was unable to participate because I was unable to leave the day from my rotation but I was able to stop by and chat with some potential PA students. I was surprised how many people read my blog and recognized me. I'm appreciative and am ecstatic that my blog has been helpful. I wish all of you best in your future endeavors.

OBs/Gyn preview - FIRST DELIVERY!

During my nurse preceptorship day last Friday I witness my first delivery. I must admit yes it was messy and yes it looked painful but I felt an overwhelming rush of emotion when the baby was born and given to her mom. I felt as if I was witnessing a miracle. It was a great interprofessional day, learning from the nurses and providing patient care.

Dealing with anxiety

I wanted to write about this topic for some time to give some tips if you begin to feel this during your rotations. Looking back at the last 6 months there has been some embarrassing moments and times when I felt dumb and didn't know anything. Here are a few things to think of that might help during anxiety driven moments

  1. Grounding: Remind yourself not to personalize feedback. Remember you are there to learn and the attending or nurses may yell at you or make you feel low but it’s NOT about you.
  2. When presenting cases: Keep focus or your attention to the audience and material. Try not to focus on yourself or your anxious feelings.
  3. Regulate anxiety if necessary (breathing and exercise)
  4. Studying anxiety: Always approach the stimulus that is causing anxiety –. Studying will decrease anxiety.

Alright I’m off to catch more babies :)

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