Thursday, 11 September 2014


Time to look for jobs :P

As the year came to an end we began getting introduced to different job opportunities. It was beginning to feel strange as employers are coming to us. We were given free pizza lunches (good brand name pizza), we had a nice outing to look at rural opportunities and we got good schwag from them :)

Our field trip to rural Manitoba

 At the beginning of the summer we were given a booklet of job opportunities available in the province. There were a few in the city and a lot rurally. The applications were in and I began going to interview after interview. It was strange to be competing with your fellow classmates/friends and I admit there were times where I wanted to give up as most opportunities weren’t offered to me at first. It’s hard to determine what employers are looking for.

Free coffee!!! yey
I am excited to say that I have accepted a position in internal/hospitalist medicine in rural Manitoba. It will be a long commute 45-60 min (depending on traffic) one way but the position is what I am looking for. I am hoping to get good teaching and to continue writing about my experience in my first year working as a physician assistant. 

Have two weeks off. Start my position Sept. 15 :P -

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