Thursday, 11 September 2014


Ended the year as we started. A group picture. (Kind of reminds me of the dove commercial :P)

The end of physician assistant school wrapped up so quickly with last minute paperwork, meetings and job interviews/offers. After our final rotations we had our final OSCEs. It was well organized and very fun. Comparing my last OSCE to the very first one I had I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in the past 2 years. I also didn’t realize how much I’ve grown as a person. I still believe that I am that shy smiley girl that entered the program but I hope to think that now I have a little more spunk.

Looking back it was a whirlwind experience. I can now officially call myself a physician assistant yey!! Here are some celebratory pictures of our grad dinner. 

To my family. Thank you for being supportive through every step of the way.
To my longest and oldest friends (from high school aka "the beakers") Thank you for being there when I needed and understanding when I wasn't able to make it to some events.


- Dr. Bosma - (special guest voted by the class) gave a fabulous speech
- Kaira (Class president) - gave a heart felt remark about the last two years bringing the room to tears
- Kodley - Gave a fabulous laugh out loud class roast about all the quirks of our classmates. 

Amy - Medical Director Award (Outstanding Capstone Paper and Presentation)

Kaira - Faculty Award for Student Exemplifying the Future of the Physician Assistant Profession

:( I don't have a picture of Gisoo
Gisoo & I (yey!) - Collegiality and Leadership Award, as Determined by the Class 

To the Class of 2014,

We have learned together, partied together, cried together and grown together. The past two years was made great because of your friendships. I am proud to have you as my colleges and most importantly be able to call each of you part of my family. It has been awesome!! I am sad that we now go our separate ways but excited that we begin our careers as physician assistants. 

We made it!! Congratulations!

Celebrating with family and friends :)

** Oh I forgot... I guess I still need to study for the certification exam in October :S

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